Career & Technical Education

This year Long Island High School for the Arts is in the process of applying for New York State Career & Technical Education (CTE) approval to ensure our students have every opportunity possible to fulfill their post-secondary career aspirations. This page is devoted to giving a bit of background about CTE programs, the benefits, and listing various Work-Based Learning opportunities to develop the student’s exposure and experiences in the arts.

If you have any questions about this process, the benefits of this program, or Work Based Learning opportunities, please reach out to Erica Giglio, Program Coordinator at 516-622-5670 or



  • Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs!: Nationally, 673,656 businesses are involved in the creation or distribution of the arts, and they employ 3.48 million people! Arts businesses and the creative people they employ stimulate strengthen America's economy.  At LIHSA you will participate in career fairs, Q&A panels with professionals in the arts, and frequent visits from master artists to learn about all the arts related jobs which you might not even know are an option for you!

  • Work with experts in the field:  Work with teachers who have been there and done that! Each instructor at Long Island High School for the Arts comes with years of experience and impressive credentials in their respective disciplines within the Performing Arts and Media Arts.

  • Real-world, practical experience: There is nothing that can compare to a hands-on experience. Through an arts-based work-based learning program, students collaborate with industry professionals on and off site in job shadowing, apprenticeships, and paid and unpaid internships.

  • Network and make connections: Often, it is all about who you know when trying to get a job in the arts. Each student and instructor you encounter at LIHSA expands your network of connections. After you graduate, think of the benefits your network will provide you when seeking employment in your field!

  •   Develop employability skills. Lean skills that will compliment your art making process and products. Career and finical management in the arts, problem-solving, communication, and time management are essential skills for an artist to possess!

  •   Opportunity for College Credit, Advanced Standing, Tuition Reduction: Earn college credits, advanced standing and/or reduced tuition with partnering colleges.

  • Seal of approval: Receive a Technical Endorsement Seal on their high school Diploma, which is evidence that you have had a rigorous preparation and possess specific technical knowledge and skills in your respective art form.


what is career & technical education?


Check out The Creative Industries in the United States National Report published by Americans for the Arts! This report can help you understand the scope and economic importance of the arts in the United States. The creative industries are composed of arts businesses that range from nonprofit organizations such as museums, symphonies, and theaters to for-profit businesses such as motion picture and design companies, and architecture firms. Arts businesses and the creative people they employ stimulate innovation, strengthen America's competitiveness in the global marketplace, and play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy. In a global economy, the creative industries are durable and enduring local employers.