The LIHSA Filmmaking program offers a rich and challenging environment for students who are keen to develop their storytelling skills to the highest level and have the passion to produce and develop new and exciting content.

The Filmmaking program prepares students in all aspects of filmmaking, from the development of film craft skills, directing, producing and writing short and long form content for film and television. At LIHSA you have the opportunity to work with actors, composers, directors, dancers and musicians, as well as your peers from production, including scenic artists and technicians. Everything you need to make great work for the screen is right here. The program has critical thinking and film and television literacy at its core, with workshops and seminars designed to enhance your ability to appreciate what has gone before as you construct the stories of the future.

It’s a microcosm of the arts world under one roof, and you have access to it all.

Filmmaking students experience what it’s like working on a real shoot – everything they do is real and replicates what is expected of them in the industry. This really helps them gain employment when they graduate
— Instructor

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