Two students working on a charcoal sketch together

Multidisciplinary Course Work

While artistic activities used to be highly segregated, creative industries have been upending that traditional hierarchy, with work crossing disciplinary lines.

It is important to expose students to a variety of media and to help them to develop a vocabulary to communicate with a range of professionals.

LIHSA’s three pathways seek not only to develop skills but to encourage experimentation, networking, and future

collaborations that will aid in their careers as artists. LIHSA’s curriculum is borne of the recognition that the interplay between different disciplines of creative work often forges new pathways and possibilities.
Students learning how to sword fight
Two students reading project instructions together

The goals of the required sequences are to:

Have students working on projects that entail collaboration with peers as they work in genres broader or more experimental than their own

Provide an environment that encourages artistic experimentation and provokes novel ways of seeing, rendering, and articulating

Provide student participation in “real work” projects that benefit the student’s skill development and the larger community

Stimulate critical discussion of the creative process and its product (i.e., exhibition, performance, etc.) in order to deepen and sharpen the knowledge of the artistic endeavor