Admissions Process

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Step 1

Applicant Fill Out Section I: Student Application and submit electronically.

(LIHSA will then contact your school for required supplemental documents and district approval)

Note: During the time of school closures, LIHSA has altered its admission practice and has implemented this online application. We will still need district approval before any acceptance is considered finalized.


Step 2

As soon as LIHSA receives these two application components, Ms. Giglio will reach out to the student’s family to confirm receipt. At this time, she will also provide instructions on completing the digital audition/portfolio submission. If we do not receive your audition/portfolio material after two weeks, Ms. Giglio will reach out with a reminder that it is past due.


Step 3

Once LIHSA receives the student’s audition/portfolio materials the respective departments, administration, and guidance will review. Please note that excessive absenteeism may jeopardize admission to LIHSA.


Step 4

One week after the student uploads their audition/ portfolio materials, Ms. Giglio will email the student applicant, informing them of LIHSA’s admission decision. A formal letter will follow in the mail, which will be sent to the student’s home and to their school district’s guidance counselor. District Counselors and Administration can directly upload the School Official Form and Supplemental Materials here.

Contact Info

Please contact Erica Giglio with questions about completing this application at: during school hours M-F 8:00-2:30 PM

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