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Sequence of Study

Today’s students have come of age in the art world at a time when lines are dissipating.

LIHSA has transformed the whole school into a CTE program in the arts with three program pathways within it: Performing Arts, Visual and Media Arts, and Production and Managerial Arts.

It is based on a two-year sequence of study, with students taking 3.5 credits in a required core program area plus 4.5 credits in an area of further concentration. Beyond the required 3.5 program pathway credits, students will be able to deepen their skill set

with specialized coursework in the areas of fine art, digital media, film, dance, digital music, music performance (instrumental/vocal), music performance (instrumental/vocal), drama, musical theatre, or special effects.

The interplay between the core coursework and the student’s technical skill building will result in a versatile professional.

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Required CTE Credits

In order to qualify for a CTE Endorsed Diploma/Alternative Graduation, Pathways students must earn 3.5 CTE credits within their chosen pathway along with .5 credits in Career and Financial Management. Students who attend LIHSA’s 2-year program will also have 4.5 additional credits to take in elective courses.

See the Course Catalog for a full listing of the elective course offerings.


Required Core in the Performing Arts

Activism and Performance, Artistic Direction and Production, Rhythmic Exploration, Creativity and Collaboration, Composition of Original Works, Solo Performance, Original Works Performed, and Movement and Storytelling.

Required Core in the Visual and Media Arts

Digital Imaging, Objects and Visual Meaning, Activism and Artmaking, Digital Mixed-Media Lab, Art and Institutions, Curating Displays of Visual Works, The Exhibition, and New York City & Surrounds in Media.


Required Core in Production and Media Arts

Lighting Design & Electrics, Audience Management, Life Cast & Character Design, Advanced Scenic Design, Stage Management, Microphones & The Performer, Computer Modeling, Introduction to Theatre, Scars, and Aging, Costume Construction, Directing and Makeup Application.

Required Core in Career and Financial Management (all programs)

Students in all three program strands will complete Career and Financial Management coursework, a requirement of a CTE program, through the following courses, by taking one each semester: Careers in the Arts, Artist Management, Arts Entrepreneurship, and Creative Promotion in the Arts.