A Closer Look at the AP Artwork of Saamiya Sugrim

A Closer Look at the AP Artwork of Saamiya Sugrim




Artist Statement

“My AP art pieces symbolize the hypocrisy we see in our daily lives. Each piece illustrates a story of an untold truth. The piece with the city in the ear shows how one can be hearing but not listening. This work shows how cities are loud which mutes out other voices. The artwork with the blindfolded girl demonstrates looking but not seeing. The girl is looking but can’t really see what’s right in front of her. A more literal concept of hypocrisy is the littered garbage on the grass. Everyone says to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and yet many people don’t follow through with recycling. Also, the artwork displaying a simplistic form of hypocrisy, I drew a self-portrait of me holding a ‘mask.’”

– Saamiya Sugrim

Saamiya Sugrim is a Junior from Roslyn


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