Charlie Foerschner May 2024

Students in the Multimedia TV & Film program had the opportunity to work with Charlie Foerschner, an accomplished cameraman from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. The Barry Tech alumnus returned to LIHSA after a rewarding fall semester, throughout which he very much enjoyed revisiting his roots and sharing his extensive knowledge with BOCES students.
In the spring, Foerschner helped students with a project called a “oner,” which is one continuous shot that flows without cutting and tells the story with the movement of the camera. Students constructed scenes by following characters around a variety of locations at LIHSA. They also worked on a point-of-view project, during which they fixed an inanimate object to the front of the camera, and had it move around the world in a way that shared its journey as the main character.
“Every student had their own creative idea and object that they were using, and it made me so proud,” says Foerschner, who just completed his second year in a residency with the LIHSA program. “It makes me confident that they have gained skills that they will take with them in college. The students who have attended for two years have made so much progress from when I first met them. It blows me away how much they have grown!”
One of those students is Lynk Walsh, who appreciates hands-on learning opportunities and working with a professional in the film and TV industry. “I also like that I was able to be very creative with Charlie’s projects and have free will,” says Walsh, who will be studying film at SUNY Oswego in September. “Charlie allows you to do your own thing and gives you the freedom to explore. He was always there to help, and he taught us new camera angles, techniques, and editing.”
“Returning to LIHSA reminds me of how I felt in high school as a filmmaking student,” says Foerschner as he reflects on his experience. “After sixteen years of being in the business, you often have days at work where it just feels like work. Coming to LIHSA and teaching students who are hungry and eager to learn makes me remember why I got into the business in the first place, and how much I love filmography and filmmaking. I started my video career with BOCES, so to come back and teach is full circle. I remember how important it is as a kid when you’re making something. The students’ dedication and passion inspire me. It’s great that LIHSA has a program that allows them to bring in guest artists to give students other perspectives.”
“I enjoyed working with guest artists and guest speakers, plus my teachers at LIHSA, and I was able to make a lot of new friends at this school,” adds Walsh. “Everyone is very supportive. It gives us a lot of unique opportunities. I’m going to miss LIHSA.”