On Saturday, June 1st, LIHSA Dancers took to the stage for another incredible performance.  From contemporary to ballet, jazz to modern, these versatile artists entertained a nearly packed house with their work.
Choreographers included LIHSA’s own dance faculty, L’aura Bagdziunas and Natalie L’Etoile as well as some of our master artists from this semester.  Wendy Palmer Clark, Waverly Fredricks, and Christina Lynch Markham set original pieces on the all-female cast.

A cornerstone of our program is our enduring partnership with the esteemed American Ballet Theatre. Through this collaboration, our students benefit from year-long, twice weekly Ballet instruction led by our Resident Artist, Wendy Palmer Clark. This invaluable partnership not only enriches our students’ technical proficiency but also imbues them with a deep appreciation for the art form, nurturing their growth as dancers and performers.

Waverly Fredericks, a distinguished Juilliard Graduate, graced our Dance Repertory class as a Guest Artist. His intricate choreography elicited not only a palpable sense of enthusiasm but also a profound source of inspiration within our students. Through navigating the realms of challenge and innovation, he compelled our dancers to venture beyond their accustomed boundaries, unlocking a new understanding of creative exploration.

Our residency with Paul Taylor commenced in the Fall semester, comprising six sessions meticulously integrated into our Modern class curriculum. Led by the esteemed Christina Lynch Markham, Paul Taylor Dance Company member and teacher, these sessions introduced the dancers to the intricacies of the Taylor style, challenging them to transcend their boundaries and explore new dimensions of movement.

Returning in the spring, Christina was accompanied by Madeline Kuhlke, an alumna of the LIHSA Dance Department. Together, they collaborated to choreograph two dynamic works inspired by the iconic Taylor style, infusing the studio with an electrifying energy and creative fervor. We are immensely proud of the dedication and talent showcased by our dancers, and we are excited for you to see the culmination of their tireless efforts.

Thank you for your continued support of the LIHSA Dance Department and entrusting us with your students. Please enjoy the photos below.