Getting to Know You Senior Spotlight Jude Bertino

It’s not unusual for a LIHSA student to be multi-talented, but Jude Bertino, Senior from Hicksville High School, plays guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, drums, and is learning how to play the banjo. He’s also a singer and Audio Production student who works with other students in his program in their band, Table Number 9.  

When he heard about the program at LIHSA, Jude said it was a “no brainer!  I get to spend half the day doing music stuff.”  Over the course of his two years in the Audio Production program, Jude has continued to work on an untitled album that he plans to release after graduation.  “I’ve been working on it for four year of high school.  It’s kind of my passion project.”  

Growing up, Jude was passionate about music and MMA fighting.  He studied at Tiger Schulmanns in Syosset but never made it to black belt due to COVID.  When thinking about high school, “I wanted to be somewhere I could explore my own music freely with people who would respect it,” Jude said while commenting on the positive support he feels from students and faculty at LIHSA.   

Next year, Jude will attend Five Towns for Mass Communications and although he’s not 100% sure what he wants to do after that, Jude sees himself working in a studio as an engineer or producer in a studio.  

Shout outs to fellow bandmates Dylan Thompson, Lucy Thorkleson, and Dominic Accardo.  See more of Jude’s work and listen by clicking here.   Keep scrolling for more photos.