In the Classroom with Bridgette Box

Students in the Visual Arts program welcomed guest speaker Brigette Box, a professional tattoo artist and LIHSA alumnus. She spoke with students about her journey following her studies with LIHSA art teacher Jason Cuvelier and explained the importance of responsibility and dedication in her field. After showing students many samples of her art, she had them practice sketching their own tattoos and offered feedback about their drawing style.

“We learned about apprenticeships and the different steps it takes to get into the industry,” says Ariella Pabon, a senior in the Visual Arts program. “She was great! She showed us that it’s not just about being an artist; she talked to us about the business side of tattooing. I also learned that she travels a lot in her job, which is exciting.”

Pabon adds that she aspires to be a tattoo artist, so it was very helpful to meet Brigette. “I learned that when she gets clients she hears what they are asking for, and then she’ll go home and study what they want, and then redraw it to fit their muscle structure. It takes a lot of focus and dedication to have that job.”

“The thing I love about LIHSA is how many opportunities it gives us as artists,” says Pabon. “Being with other artists creates chances to network and to meet different personalities as well as seeing other artwork.”