In the Classroom with Tom Dheere

Audio Production and Game Design students welcomed voice actor Tom Dheere for a workshop about the voice over industry. Dheere’s voice has been heard in the games Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Inspector Gadget (for which he was the title role). Additionally, his resume boasts thousands of projects, including commercials and audio books.

“Tom showed us everything about the whole field of voice acting, from how you get the jobs to the best way to get the training you need,” said Game Design student Devin Dowd.

Ralph Greco, an Audio Production student, added that Dheere demonstrated how to change your tone to suit varying roles. “He taught us how to look at wave forms to really analyze them, especially if someone was speaking a different language,” he said. “He also taught us about the different genres: audio books, video games, telephony, VR, external announcements….I liked that he was very passionate about giving us information. He gave us examples about how he used his connections to make new connections and recorded an example of an audition right in front of us!”

“I really enjoy the time we get to work with professionals from the industry,” said Greco, reflecting on the experience. “It helps me extend my boundaries as an artist and an engineer. It makes me feel more comfortable for the real world and it helps me make sense of what’s to come, what I can expect, and who I can connect with and share my passion and ideas with.”

Dowd agreed. “Working with people in the industry definitely gives you a bigger picture of the world. Coming to LIHSA helps you meet new professionals and gives you a different perspective. It is great for networking.”

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