National Honor Society Induction April 16, 2024

On Tuesday, April 16th, we celebrated the outstanding achievements of more than 60 LIHSA students. These students were inducted into their respective National Honor Society. They have all shows exemplary service to their school communities as well as unparalleled artistry in their fields.  They are the leaders of our school community and we are fortunate to have them with us.

Thank you, parents, guardians, and families for supporting these students in achieving their roles in the National Honor Society and for all that you do to support them as artists.

Thank you to the following faculty moderators for their leadership and guidance.

Natalie L’Etoile – National Honor Society for Dance Arts

Jason Cuvelier – National Art Honor Society

Kimberly Larkin – International Thespian Society

Jerry Nobile and Alex Vietheer– Tri- M Music Honor Society

Nicole Tourt and Michael Minerva – National Technical Honor Society

Thank you to Francis Lees for accompanying the event and Erik Chocianowski for Stage Managing the ceremony and performances.

Keep scrolling to see some photos.


The evening’s program

Long Island High School for the Arts  

2024 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony  


National Honors Society of Dance Arts   

Moderator Natalie L’Etoile   



Alexandra LaPlaca, Hicksville UFSD  

Vice President  

Kayla Newbert, Wantagh UFSD  


Ainsley Waite, Half Hollow Hills CSD   


Sophia Buffolino, Levittown UFSD  

Scarlett Depaul, Northport-East Northport UFSD  

Lauren Gilbert, Kings Park CSD  

Kyleigh Harrison, Levittown UFSD  

Alessandra Hermes-Bevans, Wantagh UFSD  

Ava Lacalandra, Massapequa UFSD  

Grace Lavergne, Kings Park CSD  

Kira Martino, Bellmore-Merrick CHSD  

Alexa Mincone, East Meadow UFSD  

Madelyn Resta, Bethpage UFSD  

Syvonna Rubin, Ellwood UFSD  

Lena Umbrino, Kings Park CSD  


National Art Honors Society  

Moderator Jason Cuvelier  


Lily Tipton, North Shore CSD  

Vice President  

Sadie Koo, North Shore CSD 


Nicole Zawojski, Bethpage UFSD 


Janice Lee, Syosset CSD 

Historian & Social Media Manager  

Jennarose Maglione, Carle Place UFSD 


Colter Bubbico, Locust Valley CSD 

Yianna Foufas, Bellmore-Merrick CHSD 

Tab Freeny, Long Beach City SD 

Sadie Koo, North Shore CSD 

Janice Lee, Syosset CSD 

Jennarose Maglione, Carle Place UFSD 

Stella Rinaudo, Massapequa UFSD 

Chie Zaidman, Massapequa UFSD 

Nicole Zawojski, Bethpage UFSD 




International Thespian Society  

Moderator Kimberly Larkin  



Mairead Camas, Ellwood UFSD  


Vice President  

Melinda DeSantis, Long Beach City SD  



Emma DiPrima, Harborfields CSD  



Jamielynn Korotki, Wantagh UFSD  



Social Media/Communications Director  

Cora Jones, Freeport UFSD  


Joshua Amy, East Meadow UFSD   

Shay Brymer, Long Beach City SD  

Elif Daspinar, Half Hollow Hills CSD  

Ilaria Davniero, Levittown UFSD  

Melinda DeSantis, Long Beach City SD   

Emma DiPrima, Harborfields CSD   

Talya Ewing, Westbury UFSD   

Daniella Falco, Carle Place UFSD   

Samantha Fiore, Cold Spring Harbor CSD  

Lorenzo Hilliard, Wantagh UFSD  

Cora Jones, Freeport UFSD   

Emily Kassimatis, Levittown UFSD  

Jamielynn Korotki, Wantagh UFSD  

Oliver Mauer, Half Hollow Hills CSD   

Huckleberry MilnerHalf Hollow Hills CSD   

Sara Nearenberg, Locust Valley CSD  

Joanna Scharen, Bethpage UFSD  

Olivia DeMarco, Levittown UFSD 

Maya Morales, Levittown UFSD  

Emma Smith, Levittown UFSD 


Tri-M Music Honor Society  

Moderators Jerry Nobile & Alex Vietheer   


Rory Gallo, West Hempstead UFSD & Elif Daspinar, Half Hollow Hills CSD  

Co Vice President & Secretary  

 Emma DiPrima, Harborfields CSD   

 Co-Vice President   

Kaitlyn Wille, Harborfields CSD  


Kendall Mathew, Half Hollow Hills CSD  Honorary Historian   

Arvindh Senthilvelan, Half Hollow Hills CSD  


Paula Barrera, Half Hollow Hills CSD 
Oliver Mauer, Half Hollow Hills CSD 
Huckleberry Milner, Half Hollow Hills CSD 
Matthew Scarlata, Garden City UFSD 
Raquel Sciacca, Smithtown CSD  

National Technical Honor Society  

Moderators Michael Minerva & Nicole Tourt  



Gianna Forte, Syosset CSD  

Program Representatives  

Leslie Chavez-Pineda, Freeport UFSD, Ryan Vicerra, Hicksville UFSD, & Ryan McKie, Hicksville UFSD 


Loughlin Reid-Cleary, Lynbrook UFSD  


Lucy Immel, Wantagh UFSD  

Vice President  

Marcelo Zuniga, Lynbrook UFSD  


3D Animation Students:  

Madison Villalobos 


Audio Production Students:  

Dominic Accardo, Hicksville UFSD  

Leslie Chavez Pineda, Freeport UFSD  

Lucy Immel, Wantagh UFSD  

Loughlin Reid-Cleary, Lynbrook UFSD  

Jeremiah Rodriguez, Westbury UFSD  

Myla Sanchez, Long Beach City SD  

And Joseph Toscano, Levittown UFSD  


Computer Game Design Students:  

Gianna Forte, Syosset CSD  

Ryan Vicerra, Hicksville UFSD  

Evan Yang, Herricks UFSD  

And Marcelo Zuniga, Lynbrook UFSD  

From Multimedia Film and Television  

Peter Conlin, Wantagh UFSD  

Kimberly Juarez, Hicksville UFSD  

Ryan McKie, Hicksville UFSD  

Aeres Moran, Levittown UFSD  

Arielle Ormeno, Glen Cove SD  


Production & Managerial Arts Students:  

Aidan Berrios, Long Beach City SD  

Matteo Berry, Mineola UFSD