Outstanding Senior Gianna Forte

Gianna Forte is not only the President of LIHSA’s Student Council and National Technical Honor Society, she’s often the voice of announcements over the loudspeaker!  If you see her in the halls, she’s always smiling and chatting with her fellow students in Game Design but this Senior from Syosset High School has bis plans after graduating this June! 

“LIHSA has given me so many opportunities to pursue my interests,” Gianna shared.  “My mom found LIHSA but I always wanted to be a game designer.  I couldn’t wait for 10th grade when could submit portfolio.  I was so excited when I found out that I got in!  I knew that when I got here, I could build up the skills and artistry and find success in my passion.  And I have!” 

Gianna takes pride in LIHSA’s Student Council and has worked on organizing events for students, like spirit week and boo-grams.  She gets students involved in fun things at LIHSA by collaborating with Administration and teachers.  She’s a huge advocate for student engagement and takes pride in our school.  Gianna is passionate about connecting with students representatives from all majors and districts across LI.  

In National Technical Honor Society, Gianna advocates for LIHSA students in 3D Animation, Audio Production, Production Managerial Arts and Game Design to build professional experiences and skills.  This honor society is important to her as these majors don’t have distinct honor societies and she enjoys the recognition her fellow students will get by being inducted in this month’s National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  Gianna is creating a slideshow of students in the NTHS to share at the ceremony.  

At Syosset High School, Gianna is part of her Robotics Club that just placed 1st overall at regionals and will be attending Worlds Competition in Texas later this month.  At Regionals, Gianna shared a game that she designed, “STEAM Up!” that follows the theme of including arts in sciences. Each level explores science and art and the original game was well-received by the judges and other students at the competition.  

Although Gianna is still deciding where to go to school next year, she’s gotten some impressive acceptances and one thing is for sure – she will be studying Game Design!