Radio City Music Hall December 2023

On Friday, December 8, 2023, LIHSA’s Musical Theatre students made their Radio City Music Hall Debut providing musical holiday cheer for audiences before the Rockettes Holiday Spectacular morning matinee performance.

The students had a short few weeks to prepare for this unique opportunity, spending time rehearsing during music theory and practicing on their own at home.

Natalie Becker, a junior from Jericho remarked that the rehearsal period, ” wasn’t much time but we made it work and it was amazing.” About the experience she further shared, “It was so cool.  It literally was everything you can ever dream of.”

Gabrielle Blum, a junior from Kings Park said she loved being on the bus with all her friends. About the performance she said, “I was very nervous but also really excited.”

Shay Brymer, a junior from Long Beach, said, “It felt really surreal. I saw the show a lot of times when I was younger and really enjoyed it.  It was a full-circle moment for me.”

Jarod Hirsch, a junior from Smithtown, agreed it was wonderful. “Performing on stage was so much fun. I loved it.  The space was gorgeous.  The acoustics were phenomenal.  It was kind of nerve-wracking but also exciting because it was Radio City Music Hall and something I never thought I’d do and I did it!”

Cora Jones, a sophomore from Freeport, said, “It was such a magnificent experience to perform on such an iconic and historical stage. It was really cool to just be there and with friends and supportive family members in the audience. It made the experience really memorable.”

Thank you to faculty member Kimberly Larkin for preparing the students for their wonderful performance!

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