Senior Profile: Abigail Colfer

Abigail Colfer is a Senior from Massapequa High School and has been a part of the Production Managerial Arts program at LIHSA for the past two years. When she heard about the LIHSA program she was interested because it allowed her the opportunity to explore Tech Theatre, a class that wasn’t offered in her home district high school.  Once Abigail began classes, she really liked the smaller environment and creative freedom that she has with her teacher, Erik Chocianowski.

At LIHSA, she has studied everything from prop design and lighting, to production design and scar/aging make up. Abigail loves being part of the Production and Managerial Arts program, especially “when we’re building full scale models for actual performances out of wood and different materials.” She notes it’s a team effort. “Everyone has their own individual part.”  Thanks to LIHSA’s partnership with Massapequa High School, Abigail and other students in the Production Managerial Arts program at LIHSA, have designed and built sets for shows a Massapequa High School, including Camp Rock, Footloose, and Mama Mia. Ever the versatile theatre student, Abigail noted that she enjoys being able to create the set at LIHSA and then being a character in the show through her home district.

Abigail said her favorite thing about tech theatre is “seeing it all come together” and “the process of creating different things” and will be studying Technical Theatre next year at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Abigail was offered impressive scholarships from Marymount Manhattan, Eastern Connecticut State, and Fairleigh Dickinson and is excited to also pursue a concentration in Stage Direction.

When asked about her favorite part of attending LIHSA, Abigail enthusiastically shared, “Working with students in other departments, like dance, on all of the productions has been great.”

Look for more of Abigail’s work below and catch it live in the upcoming 2024 LIHSA Scholarship Gala and Big Shot.