Senior Spotlight: Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn has had a busy high school career.  In addition to being on Wrestling, Track, and Cross Country teams, this high school senior is also in Key Club, Honor Societies, and started a Chess Club at Carle Place High School.  Even with a packed schedule, Ryan’s guidance counselor heard his interest in computer science and programming and recommended the LIHSA program to him.  And we are so glad they did!  

“I had a great time at LIHSA,” Ryan shared in a recent interview.  “Being in Game Design was very helpful cause it helped me to find myself before I delve into a career.  The program made me understand that this is something for me and something that I enjoy doing.  Getting to do that before you before you go to college- that was great!”  During his time at LIHSA, Ryan and the other Game Design students learned how to code, studied artwork in games and gaming, and dipped their toes in the creative professional work by working with Industry Game Designers.  

“You always want to do something that you enjoy in school.  Being able to do something that I actually enjoy that doesn’t feel like work is a great experience to have.”  Over the past two years, Ryan has worked with 3D modeling artists to make a whole scene in Maya software. He also created games ranging from role-playing games to open-world games.  Although he knew a little bit of coding, Ryan learned different mindsets to approach coding and created original music for his games. 

After graduation, Ryan is attending Adelphi University to study Computer Science.  His goal is to run his own business and to develop software.  Of course, he plans to minor in Game Design.  “LIHSA is a great school for me.  And it gave me a head start in life.”  

We wish Ryan all the best as he begins his career.  Keep scrolling to see some of his work.