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LIHSA Summer Program 2022


Learn, grow and, most of all, HAVE FUN in a variety of arts-focused Summer Programs taking place at the Long Island High School for the Arts in Syosset this summer.


All programs are for Grades 7-12, unless otherwise noted.  Class sizes are limited to enhance the experience of each camper, so register early for best selection.


You can choose to enroll in a one week offering or combine several to be on campus for up to four weeks! 

Programs take place weekdays from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 

Tuition prices are listed on registration page.

Please contact Jason Steinberg at if you have any questions or click the link below each program to go to our online registration page.


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Choose a full four-week production-based option or a mix and match from the foundation building theatre arts courses below!

Weeks #1-4 (June 27-July 22): MUSICAL THEATRE PRODUCTION

LIHSA’s Musical Theatre Production will offer aspiring young actors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop their skills as triple threat performers.  Each student will be guided to work in solo, duo, and ensemble songs and scenes that point them to their highest potential, instill a sense of confidence, and allow them to shine.  Our 4-Week program is designed for individuals with varied levels of singing and movement ability who want to elevate their existing talent while making lifelong friends from all over Long Island. 

Week #1 (June 27-July 1): ACTING FOR THE CAMERA  

Want to learn how to act in front of a camera? Whether you’re an actor with a dream to make it on screen (big or small), or a stage actor itching to transition to on-camera work, there are certain things you need to know that apply specifically to this facet of the craft.  Participants will, in a hands-on way, learn about building relationships between filmmakers and thespians.  

 Week #2 (July 5-8): STAGE COMBAT 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to slap someone, deliver a punch to the stomach, or how to fall without hurting yourself in the process?  An instructor will take participants through training designed to help their progress as physical performers. The focus will be on successfully creating the illusion of violence through armed/unarmed techniques and application of acting craft.    

Week #3a (July 11-15): DIRECTING 

Participants will examine and practice techniques in preparing the script for rehearsals, creating the space, collaborating with designers, working with actors, preparing and conducting rehearsals, analyzing text from multiple perspectives, and understanding the relationships between actors and audience.  

Week #3b (July 11-15): SPOKEN WORD POETICS 

Poets should come ready to move, yell, play, and discover. Writing and performing their way towards a deeper understanding of themself as a spoken word poet, participants will collaboratively work their way towards a final public performance and the tools to change the world one poem at a time. 

Week #4 (July 18-22): IMPROVISATION 

Participants will engage in a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Participants learn the rules and guidelines for improv as well as several performance type improv games.




Select from a variety of career-focused music programs lead by instructors with decades of experience and the desire to bring out the best in our participants.   From writing to recording, performing to promoting, these programs have something for every level of musical experience.

Week #1 (June 27-July 1): WRITING A POP SONG 

Participants will learn to conceptualize and craft a modern pop song, including inspiration methods, melody, and lyrics.  Our accomplished staff will share best practices and help guide participants through the creative songwriting.

Week #1-2 (June 27-July 8): 60s/70s CLASSIC ROCK 

For all those kids who learned to love (or tolerate) Classic Rock from their parents, this two-week program is for you!  Join the LIHSA ensemble band and work together as a team to develop a setlist, learn the songs and rock out with a concert for family at the end of the program.  Please note whether the participant is a vocalist, instrumentalist or both and include instruments played. 


Participants will learn about various amateur and professional music recording and production options and get the opportunity to record their own compositions.   This hands-on program highlights audio software options, microphones, effects and how to the get the perfect sound, even at home.  A visit to a professional recording studio on Long Island will provide an up-close look as to how professional musicians get the right sound. 


Learn how to get your songs noticed using social media and other commonly used digital options.  Our staff will take participants through the steps it takes to upload, promote and ultimately “be seen” by fans, other artists, and music professionals.  Tricks of the trade will include methods of social media collaboration with other artists using the latest technology.

Week #3b (July 11-15): 90s ALTERNATIVE AND GRUNGE

The 90s brought to light a West Coast sound that has become a part of musical history.  This is the era where bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam ruled the radio.  Participants will tap into the “Seattle vibe” and learn about other iconic 90s artists as they develop a setlist, learn their songs and prepare for a family concert at the end of the week.  Please note whether the participant is a vocalist, instrumentalist or both and include instruments played. 


Students will spend the week preparing for a live showcase featuring their original songs.  We will look at all aspects of a live performance, including stage presence, how to deal with pre-show jitters and of course, the performance itself!  Show will take place in front of the LIHSA summer program community and their invited guests in our outdoor courtyard with plenty of social distancing (weather permitting).  

Week #4b (July 18-22): HIT SONGS OF 2021 

If you want to know what’s popular right now, ask a teenager!  This program will include a setlist developed by participants featuring hits from the past year.  They will work together as a team to learn the songs and perfect their performance.  The week will conclude with a family concert.  Please note whether the participant is a vocalist, instrumentalist or both and include instruments played. 




LIHSA is proud to debut a series of brand new Visual Arts programs designed to foster creativity and encourage participants to see art in everyday objects.  Our Nature Photography program will also allow us to go outside and experience the wild side of Long Island at our amazing parks and preserves, while the Red Carpet program puts them right in the front row!

Week #1a (June 27-July 1): FUNDAMENTALS OF ART (Grades 7-9)

With the instruction of professional artists, participants will use the tools and equipment in the LIHSA fine arts studios to design and make their own functional objects or works of artistic expression. 

Week #1b (June 27-July 1): MIXED MEDIA ARTS (Grades 10-12)

Participants are welcome at any level for a workshop of mixed media art making using a variety of materials, including paint, cloth, paper, wood and found objects or imagery. Contemporary and classical concepts, techniques and fundamentals will be considered and utilized to create collages, sculptures and other works of original art.

Week #1c (June 27-July 1): NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY 

This photography course will introduce participants to the beauty of the world around them. Nature photography covers shooting plants, flowers, and animals, photographed in their immediate environments. The instructor will explain the nuances of composition, exposure and framing so participants can take better pictures of wildlife, flowers, landscapes and more.  Field trips and time spent outdoors will be emphasized.

Week #2a (July 5-8): GRAFFITI AND STREET ART

Participants will create their own graffiti, learn about the history of graffiti, how to draw different styles, 3D techniques, a variety of ways to fill in graffiti pieces and more.  A curated street tour will also be included where participants will see dozens of vibrant murals and learn about the artists and their process.

Week #2b (July 5-8): PAPERMAKING

Hand papermaking is certainly a strange duck. It’s simultaneously a tradition that is thousands of years old, yet artists today are just at the beginning of expanding creative papermaking techniques and combining the medium with other art processes. Emphasizing both 2-D and 3-D techniques, this program will be an intensive yet fun adventure. A different aspect of papermaking will be covered each day, resulting in a complete education of the many possibilities of working flat and sculptural. Expect to go home with a portfolio of handmade paper. 


Participants will work as a team to bring a film creation to life in just two weeks!  The “crew” will explore the elements of professional filmmaking from start to finish, including storyboarding, pre-production, production, and post-production.  Families and friends will be invited to a film screening at the end of the week showcasing the final project, which will also feature a post-film discussion with the filmmakers. 

Week #3a (July 11-15): JEWELRY DESIGN 

Participants will learn the foundations of fabrication and joining methods including various types of soldering and cold connections such as rivets, hinges, tab constructions, and more. The instructor will guide students in designing individual projects based on expressive intentions and personal meaning.

Week #3b (July 11-15): PAINTING THE HUMAN FORM (Grades 10-12)

Using paint, students will render formal studies of the human figure using a live model. Various forms of expression will be explored. An assortment of compositional and contextual concerns will be addressed.

Week #3c (July 11-15): DARK ROOM PHOTOGRAPHY

Dark Room Photography will introduce participants to analogue, traditional, and chemically processed black and white photography. Techniques covered will include black & white film development, contact sheets, exposure, dodging and burning while printing with an enlarger. Requires home access to a 35mm film camera. Due to the size of the darkroom this class is capped at eight participants. 


Using primarily recycled and found materials, students will design and create their own miniature worlds. This course will include instruction on making sets, props, and characters with moving parts. Students will draw out plans, fabricate props, and create paper dolls with joint movement. These skills can be used for photography, stop motion animation, fine arts, sculpture, or as models for set design.  

Week #4b (July 18-22):  FIGURE DRAWING (Grades 10-12)

In Figure Drawing participants will examine proportions, critical bony landmarks, mechanics of the skeleton, and get a comprehensive look at all the muscles of the body and how they influence surface form and mechanical function. For artists creating a portfolio for school or those who enjoy animation, game, and visual effects, the focused lessons in this course aim to cover the critical foundation that every figurative artist needs to know! 


Find yourself up front at a concert or standing with media at a red-carpet event and capture the images that show up on TMZ or in People Magazine.  Learn how to get the photo pass and how to get the photos that the fans want and the media demands.  Program will include the opportunity to shoot an actual concert or event and have photos posted on the LIHSA website and social media.




Each of our dance programs will offer all levels of dancers the opportunity to work with our accomplished instructors and learn new techniques that will be put into action in an exciting showcase at the end of each week!

Week #1 (June 27-July 1): HIP HOP DANCE

Week #2 (July 5-July 8): HIP HOP DANCE 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or experienced performer, these fun and challenging Hip Hop Dance programs will have participants dancing to the latest beats in rap, R & B, and pop music.  In addition to learning a full performance piece, participants will work on elements of popping, locking, and breaking, while having a chance to develop your own freestyle movements.   Each one-week program will conclude with a performance for family and friends. 

Week #3 (July 11-15): BROADWAY THEATRE DANCE 

Week #4 (July 18-22): BROADWAY THEATRE DANCE 

Did you ever want to step into the shoes of a dancer from a Broadway musical? Participants will learn strong technique in jazz fundamentals as well as choreography derived from various Broadway styles. Each one-week program will conclude with a performance for family and friends. 


LIHSA Health Protocol

The health and safety of our campers is our priority.

In-Person LIHSA Summer Camp has extensive health and safety procedures and staff training in place every year. This summer, LIHSA will continue to update the 2022 guidelines as we receive further guidance and recommendations from the New York State, Nassau County Health Department, Nassau BOCES, Hofstra University and the considerations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


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