A Closer Look at the AP Artwork of Jenny Geismar

Jenny Geismar is a Fine Arts student at LIHSA from North Shore High School.  Here’s how she describes her work:

My AP Art portfolio follows a theme of emotion and I want to show a wide range of emotions someone could experience through their life.  That includes happiness, sadness, anger, frustration and jealousy as well.  I studied facial expressions and that’s how I was able to create those emotions – with slight changes in my art in the creases of people’s face.  I also studied portraiture and I describe my style as realistic.

My work is done both digitally and traditionally. I have studied traditional portraiture for a while.  My style is also surreal. I look up to Salvador Dali – the surrealist.  My friends also inspired me for the whole two years I was at LIHSA and I developed my style with help from them.