A Closer Look at the Art Work of Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell is a second year senior from Long Beach studying visual arts at LIHSA.  During his time at LIHSA, he enjoyed developing his skills in still life and figure drawing because he didn’t have an opportunity to work on either before starting the program at Nassau BOCES.  “I feel like I’ve gotten much better at them,” Chris said of his time in class with Mr. Cuvelier.

Chris’ artwork is a mixture of manga and comics. The pieces shared here are from a comic that he’s been creating over the past 6 years.

The Seasons is a medieval fantasy story that features multiple characters and their challenges. Chris created these digitally, his platform of choice, but sometimes uses pencils and markers.

After graduating from LIHSA, Chris plans to work with other friends who are artists in a collaborative way – perhaps even developing their own studio together!  See more artwork from Chris below.