A Look Back at Work-Based Learning in the Fall Semester 2023

One of the many ways in which LIHSA is special is the fact that students are given several opportunities to work with master artists across multiple disciplines as they obtain real-world, professional experiences. In the fall 23-24 semester, students enjoyed a plethora of unique work-based learning experiences which included:

  • shadowing the cameramen, producers, and director on the set of an independent film;
  • creating and performing monologues constructed with NYU’s Verbatim Theatre Lab;
  • rehearsing and performing with a Grammy-nominated guitarist, composer, and arranger;
  • creating magazine covers with a graphic designer;
  • sketching with a professional illustrator to practice concepts for game design;
  • studying and practicing scenic painting techniques with a professional scenic designer and artist;
  • learning mixing strategies to help master songs with a music producer;
  • creating original dance pieces with American Ballet Theatre and Paul Taylor School;
  • practicing audition pieces with a Broadway casting director and a talent manager;
  • learning the skills necessary for 3D visual effects work with a VFX animator and owner of Platinum Platypus Inc.;
  • filming chase scenes and learning camera techniques from a camera operator at The Daily Show;
  • learning scat techniques from a jazz recording artist.

In the spring, students will be offered a number of new opportunities, including work with an Apple Music recording artist, a video game voiceover artist, the head prop master at Manhattan Theatre Club, and casting coaches for TV and film projects.

Special thanks to Iris Wiener, our Work Based Learning Coordinator, for working with all of these incredible artists, students, and faculty to bring these enriching experiences to LIHSA. 

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