A Closer Look at the Artwork of Yianna Foufas

Yianna Foufas is a senior from Bellmore studying Visual Arts at LIHSA. We are so pleased to share her work and insights into her creative style:

I don’t have a specific theme in my art, it’s more broad.  It’s based off a hypothetical conversation you have in your head. This represents my struggles with overthinking. A lot of my works show people with a lot of hands, representing a lot of thoughts. I use different mediums, different color pallets, different themes and ideas in each piece.  I wouldn’t say I have one specific style or theme.  But my works revolve around some of the same ideas.

My creative process comes a lot from my wrestling background – I’ve had a lot of nerves and anxiety before my matches.  I use art as an escape from that. I have two separate worlds – my wrestling world and my art world.  The nerves I face before my big matches, to relieve the stress, I put it through my art work. My creative process comes from my own experiences.  It also comes from music – looking at album coverss and different color pallets.

Please scroll down to see more of Yianna’s beautiful work.