A Game Design Field Trip to Nassau Community College

Recently, LIHSA Game Design students took a field trip to Nassau Community College to learn about the school’s Game Design Program and participate in a great workshop by Professor Gorman. In the workshop, the students worked in two fun programs. One was called Mudbox, a proprietary computer-based 3D sculpting and painting tool. The other program was Maya, an application used to generate 3D assets for use in film, television, games, and commercials.

Students also had the opportunity to see a special art exhibit featuring superhero comic book art by artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez who was at the school and personally greeted the students!

Student Angel Baez enjoyed the trip and learned a lot. “We went to different college classrooms to learn about animation.  Then met the comic author in person which was really nice.”

Dylan Urgo enjoyed the trip and the chance to “see 3-D modelling, programming, and the comic book exhibit. The best part was seeing students around my age doing advanced level stuff that I would like to work on.”

Michael Yu also enjoyed the visit including seeing a ceramic pottery class and animation class. “We got introduced to someone who wrote their own comic. It was about a superhero from Puerto Rico and he was writing stories about real world issues.  It was pretty neat.”

Please keep scrolling down to see photos from the trip.