Students on a Field Trip: Audio Engineering Society Convention

Nearly 40 LIHSA Sonic Arts Students attended the Audio Engineering Convention at Javits Center October 2022.

Mayah Asuncion at the Audio Engineering Convention – October 2022

Reflecting on the conference, Mayah Asuncion, a senior at Plainview-Old Bethpage shared, “That was an amazing experience. I was able to learn a lot about the new technology that’s out there and I was able to do a little networking as well. The best part of this convention was when I was able to meet with Dr. Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen about Acoustic Engineering which is what I’m very passionate about. He made these acoustic panels that could change the dynamics of the rooms automatically that will change the world, I feel. It’s going to help me understand my work as an audio engineering student because I am going to be able to speak to some more people; I got contact information from people from the university where I hope to go. Overall, it was a great experience. This was the first time I went, and I really hope to go to next year’s!”

Jude Bertino, a junior from Hicksville shared, “I wasn’t really excited about AES initially…but I was pleasantly surprised without a doubt. It was a great social experience. I learned a lot there that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  And it was cool I got to see a lot of the stuff I might use in the future if I go down audio engineering as my career path, as I hope to. There was a lot more musical applications, instruments. Like weird synth modules and cool guitars and this really cool type pedal set up. It was cool seeing things we use every day at LIHSA as well as things to come in the future. I look forward to going next year.”

Dylan Thompson, a junior from Locust Valley High School, reflected “I’ve never been to a convention before. It was cool spending the entire day with my BOCES class. There were tons of audio equipment which I’m into. I’m into guitar and I was able to check out different pedals from this company called Even Tide. I enjoyed exploring different guitar options, especially because guitar is a new instrument for me. I look forward to attending again next year as I study audio even further.”

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