Clubs at LIHSA 2023-24

At LIHSA, we strive to not only offer exciting and relevant experiences in the classroom, but also allow students to deepen their involvement by joining a club. Clubs and affinity groups are open to all students and we hope that students in all grades nad programs will consider joining a club or honor society!

Gianna Forte from Syosset studies Game Design and is the President of LIHSA’s Student Council. She joined so she could be the voice that represented a diverse body of students across Long Island. The Student Council meetings are centered around discussions about plans and events that strengthen school spirit for students. She loves being involved with Student Council because, “I get to see my peers develop and have an exciting experience at this school where we’re all learning together to become professionals in our industries.”

The President of the National Art Honors Society is Lily Tipton from North Shore, senior who is studying art. The club talks about fundraisers, but also strategizes how they can help other students and club by creating posters and other designs for them.  The Art Honor Society also supports Open Houses by attending and answering attendees’ questions. Lily said she enjoys the club’s emphasis on collaboration, communication, and organization.

Alexandra LaPlaca from Hicksville is the President of the Dance Honor Society. The club creates events and fundraisers, such as the current fundraiser, collecting donations to help pets. She joined because she wanted to be around like-minded people who appreciate dance for the art form rather than the competitive side. “Dance has always been my safe space and means a lot to me,” she shared, “We take dance for granted but when it is taken away because of COVID or an injury, you really realize how much you need it.”  Most special to Alexandra is the Dance Buddies program, pairing LIHSA students with students from Rosemary Kennedy school.  She shared that in the future, “I want to teach the deaf to dance.”

Sadie Koo of North Shore studies Visual Arts and is President of the Asian American Pacific Islanders Affinity Circle (AAPI). She shared that non-Asian students can also join and support student members. “We meet and talk about issues our community faces at LIHSA and our home schools. It’s nice to have others who relate.”

Note: this article features some of our clubs and honor societies – check back …more information will be added!