In the Classroom with Vincent Abbatiello

Vincent Abbatiello, an independent music producer and mixing engineer, returned to work with Audio Production students in the spring semester. As a graduate of the Barry Tech Audio Production program, Abbatiello understands the importance of students working with industry professionals. He recently supported students as they were sampling and mixing their music, offering tips and strategies for using different plugins.

“I am working on a collaborative song with an Afro-beat and putting vocals on it,” says Audio Production student Jeremiah Rodriguez. “Vinny was helping with the mix and telling us about EQing [equalizing]. Then he helped us mix the song on Ableton.”

Rodriguez appreciates Abbatiello’s real-world advice and recommendations. “He’s really kind and genuinely enjoys helping you,” he says. “I told him I was working on my album, and he recommended that I release every song as singles so that I have content throughout the year; later on I should release the album. It was very helpful to hear from a professional in the industry who could give me advice about my career. Working with people in the industry at LIHSA gets you ahead of the curve and gives you an advantage.”