Long Island Fall Festival 2023

October 7 might have been a soaker of a day, but you wouldn’t know it by watching our LIHSA students shine brightly on the stage at the Long Island Fall Festival that took place in Huntington.

Valeska Oyola is a LIHSA Performing Arts student from Levitown who was one of our vocalists that day. She reflects on her experience at Long Island Fall Festival, “I would describe the LI Fall Festival as magical and a great opportunity to get out there in front of people and be in the field. My favorite songs were Total Eclipse of the Heart and The Chain. Total Eclipse of the Heart is a known song, and it was easy for the public to connect to it.”

Samantha Harold a percussionist from Bethpage studying Performing Arts at LIHSA said, “It was my first gig at LIHSA and it was really cool to go and perform with all my friends.”

Valeska further shared, “LIHSA feels like a really safe place to work and make mistakes, go push through them, and be the performer you want to be and be in the real world for performing arts.”

Spectacular work to all of our Long Island Fall Festival Performers. Thank you for representing our school so beautifully!