In the Classroom with Stephen Campanella

Instructors from American Ballet Theatre continue to inspire LIHSA students as they visit Natalie L’Etoile’s Spring Ballet/Modern classes. Young dancers began the new semester by working with Stephen Campanella, who is always eager to share his unique style and skills.

“I really like how encouraging he is,” says Spring Ballet/Modern Dance student Alexandra LaPlaca. “He gives directions and has an uplifting mindset that you will get it as long as you keep working on it. I love his style of teaching and how he gives combinations. He is willing to challenge us and knows that we are a lot more capable than we think we are. It is so inspiring to hear someone talk about dance as passionately as he does.”

LaPlaca appreciates the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals. “It is nice learning more about the craft you want to go into,” she says. “Not only do they have experience in the craft itself, they have experience in getting there and advice about their journey. All of them have been so inspiring and you can see how much work they put into it. I can only hope that one day I can do the same. LIHSA is filled with so many opportunities to do more.”