LIHSA Students Perform at Ramona’s Gift to Music Fall 2023 Fundraiser

LIHSA students were invited to perform at 89 North Music Venue on November 5 by Ramona’s Gift to Music Foundation for their annual fundraiser. LIHSA students performed music from the Great American Songbook, which was a nice compliment to other student performances that included classic rock, chamber, music, and even a solo harpist.

Jahi Bradby, a junior from Malverne studying music, shared that performing in front of new audiences was a good experience. His training at LIHSA, “really helped me prepare and be more confident on stage for my performance.”

Charles Cerrito, a senior studying music from North Shore High School  played rhythm guitar at the event. “I did it last year too and this is a nice venue to perform.”  He really enjoyed hearing the other bands from other schools perform too.

LIHSA staff member Jerry Nobile (admissions and student support) chaperoned the event and is a fan of Ramona’s Gift to Music saying, “It’s a wonderful organization.  They are always very generous in giving a scholarship to one of our music students every year.” He further emphasized what a great job the students did performing. “I was very proud of the students!”

Students who performed included:

AM Class: Jahi Bradby, Charles Cerrito, Rory Gallo, Hayden Gardener, Ash Harris, Dylan Loredo, Valeska Oyola, Matthew Scarlata, Lars Sorensen, Audrey Underberg, Josue Urbina-Melendez

PM Class: Argelia Cordova, Christian Diehl, Samantha Harold, Willow Landaverde, Kendall Mathew, Xaire Romero, Jake Santos, Arvindh Senthilvelan, Lucas Spillman, Kaitlyn Wille

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