Audio Production

The Audio Production pathway is a pioneering program where students will learn about recording, mixing, and mastering in LIHSA’s state-of-the-art recording studio and digital music lab.

LIHSA’s experienced faculty will introduce students to a diversity of technical approaches and musical styles as they work with visual media, live interactive performance, and software applications.  The hands-on sound production courses will introduce students to audio techniques, covering the basics of writing, producing, and engineering productions.  

Students will learn the fundamentals of creating music using digital tools. They will gain a solid understanding of digital audio recording and editing techniques for entertainment, as well as the experience needed to be proficient in technical aspects of sound and music production, such as signal flows, mixing, mastering, compression, asset management, and online delivery; delve into creating sounds using current industry standard synthesizers by working at digital audio workstations to record and organize synthesized sounds and explore the vast array of electronic effects in Logic Pro X, ProTools, and  Ableton Live. 

Courses Include:

  • Audio Theory, Recording & Techniques
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Audio Careers & Operations
  • Radio Production
  • Advanced Radio Production
  • Audio Production Capstone

As someone who knew, from a young age, that I wanted to pursue a career on the business side of the music industry, I wish I had known that LIHSA was available to High School students like me. Having the opportunity to focus my attention on a field I was interested in would have given me a head start that I am confident would have helped to push me forward during the early years of working for record labels and distribution companies.

Jason Melker, Dream Recording Studios

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