A Field Trip to the Museum of Moving Image – Spring 2023

In Spring 2023, our Game Design, 3D Animation, and Sonic Arts/Audio Production students had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Moving Image.

Jaxton Sotomayor of Levitown found it fascinating to see what goes into making films like the make-up and music.

Lucy Immel of Wantagh enjoyed the cameras and the exhibits, especially the Muppets. “It was a fun experience.”

Loughlin Reid-Cleary of Lynbrook said the trip was “really fun. It’s almost timeless because you can go back and see developments in moving image plus audio.”

Tabitha Freeny of Long Beach also enjoyed the visit. “I enjoyed the interactive exhibits and I really liked making my own stop motion animation. There was a part when you can dub over movie clips and I had a lot of fun doing with my friends.  I also enjoyed meeting other film students from other schools.”

John-Paul Haubeil of Wantaugh enjoyed the Jim Hensen exhibit and he reflects that “The best part of trip was the stop motion part – you got to make your own.”