Art Show – May 2023

On Wednesday, May 24th, Long Island High School for the Arts held their annual Art Show at Adelphi’s Performing Arts Center.  The lobby was alive with vibrant and poignant pieces created by students in the Visual and Fine Arts program.  Under the direction of Jason Cuvelier, students welcomed their family and friends to take a peek at some of the projects they have been working on this year.
Among the guests at the event was Yianna Foufas, 11th grader from Merrick-Bellmore.  Yianna’s sister and mother came to the art show to see some oil paintings that Yianna created.  The paintings were inspired by still images from Yianna’s wrestling matches at her home district.  The pieces are key moments from matches that Yianna and her friends have competed in.  This was the first time that Yianna worked with oil paintings and her first art show outside of her home school.  Yianna said that it was nice to see her artwork on display at Adelphi and we agree!
Special thanks to Mr. Cuvelier for his constant support of our student artists. And thank you Kira Lomele-Bunce and Ramsey Hibbs, LIHSA grads and Teacher Assistants, who helped to hang the show.
If you missed the show or want a recap, click through the photos below.