In the Classroom: Verbatim Theatre Lab

Students in the Verbatim Theatre classes welcomed master artist Ryan Howland, who engaged them in a number of activities that introduced them to the mission of NYU’s Verbatim Theatre Lab. Ryan is a Doctoral Candidate in the Educational Theatre program at NYU, and is a Teaching Artist with the Verbatim Performance Lab.

In this class, students will be creating performances based on the precise portrayal of an actual person using their exact speech and gestural patterns. Ryan challenged students to closely observe one another, followed by an activity in which they practiced interviewing skills while recalling details. He reminded them to think about what they heard from their peers and ask themselves, “What was the story?”

“It gave us a chance to get to know our classmates and it was a good way to open up to people,” said student Abigail Anders. “I’m looking forward to working with Ryan more this semester.”

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