In the Classroom with Jaymes Gabrielli & George Kayaian

Students in the Game Design class have been working with two master artists as they design characters and backgrounds for their games. George Kayaian is a professional illustrator and graphic artist who previously worked with Newsday Media Group. He uses his unique expertise to help students put pencil to paper to practice skills such as perspective, shading and emotion. Jaymes Gabrielli, an art director, 3D generalist and designer, has been guiding students through the creative process of sprite (character) design while providing advanced knowledge of Photoshop.

“It has been so good to see people who have succeeded in the industry and see how they work,” says Dylan Urgo, a student in the Game Design program. “They help visualize the possibilities of what we can do with what we are learning. They both tell you how they use this work in their jobs and how they enjoy what they do. Working with master artists helps to open opportunities for us.”

Urgo went on to add that Kayaian’s positive aura makes his classes extra special. “Even if you are not the best at certain skills, he is very good at helping you learn better,” he says. “He and Jaymes give you specific and tailored advice to help you grow as an artist.”