A Closer Look at the AP Artwork of Corinne Shugrue

Corinne Shugrue is a Fine Arts student from Levittown at LIHSA. Here’s how she describes her work:

My AP art is following the theme of my autism diagnosis and how I feel about it and how I live my life around it. Basically, showing the different aspects of my life that has been affected by my autism into these little pictures. I prefer to use prisma colored pencils or charcoal or copic markers to create my work. When I have an idea I draw it at home and then create on the canvas board in class.

I have faced some challenges creating my work and it comes to making good compositions, making sure I’m spacing things out correctly. I definitely try to figure out if I drew something correctly and if colors go or if they don’t go.  My art style is realistic. It’s stylized – I push the colored pencils to opacity that makes it look kind of like oil paint but it isn’t.

My pieces talk about my obsession – like video games and my collection of dolls.  Some works are about my what overstimulates me some noises, some food textures gross me out. I can’t make eye contact. My work is about the aspects that affect me the most that I want people to know about.

Scroll down to see Corinne’s amazing work.