In Honor of Poetry Month

In Honor of Poetry Month…

In honor of National Poetry Month, our LIHSA students shared some beautiful poems with us:


For My People (Inspired by Margaret Walker)

by Saamiya Sugrim


For my people the Indo-Guyanese inhabitants of Sub-Saharan people,

were once hard-working slaves: working on sugar plantations and large fields,

harvesting tobacco and wheat;


For my people East Indians who struggled doing chores for others,

cleaning planting land tending and harvesting picking the cotton

doing as told so they won’t get in trouble and scared for the abuse

they’ll get if they try to protest;


For my friends in Guyana’s capital

from South Asia acting out different

Bollywood movies, Indian soap operas, listening to soca music and

play harmonium, tabla, dholak and tossa drums,

and playing dhantal and listening to chutney music and taking

pride in cultural traditions.


For my fellow classmates we studied

hard together numerous times at school

being asked questions by students which had nothing to do with what we were learning,

people saying after summer vacation, oh we almost have the same

complexion now, or look your dark skinned and she is light but you’re both


rude and obnoxious comments which were always so annoying but left




Perception of Self

By Julia Cooper 


How we’re seen,

isn’t an accurate depiction of who we are.

How others view us does not define us.


How one views others,

shows their character.

who they are.


Who they are is by actions, thoughts, opinions, and words.

But, the inevitable as we are humans

We judge by sight.

What we think

What we heard

Not what we know

Not facts


How we’re seen,

Shows where is one’s heart,

In their eyes

Or their mind.

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