Eight LIHSA Students Head to Work Summer 2024

Eight LIHSA students have been hired by the Nassau County Parks, Recreation & Museums department to work with the Mobile Electronics Unit. The new hires are Audio Production students Cameron Craan, Myla Sanchez, Jeremiah Rodriguez, Dylan Thompson, and Megan Hartman; Production Managerial Arts students Chamille Weir and Aidan Berrios; and Film & TV student Alex Lynch. They will be working on all aspects of the many responsibilities of the MEU, which include setting up electronics, audio, and lighting for press conferences, concerts, and movies, among other exciting events.

“I am ready and excited to work and do something that is going to help me towards my goals and doing something that will prepare me for my profession later in life,” says Hartman.

Rodriguez is also looking forward to meeting new people before he begins college in the fall. “I’m excited to enhance my skills as I set up for live shows, theatre presentations and lighting, which is what I want to be doing as a career,” he says. “I’m grateful for Paul Wygand [Supervisor, Mobile Electronic Operations] and Iris [Wiener, Work-Based Learning Coordinator] for connecting us and for helping with my job application and resume.”

“I’m excited to try it,” says Lynch. “It will be a fun way to spend the summer. It was great to get this opportunity, so I am grateful for LIHSA!”