LIHSA Student Lars Sorenson Performs with DMC

DMC with LIHSA Student Lars Sorensen

LIHSA Student Lars Sorensen (Long Beach) is a member of the band Deez Guyzz and recently performed with DMC at an event at the Long Beach Library.

The event featured DMC speaking about his children’s book, comic book, and to give insights into his life and experiences as a youth. He shared insights into the evolution of hip-hop, about his work with Aerosmith, and his induction into the Music Hall of Fame. He additionally emphasized kids’ responsibility to the world.

Lars is a sophomore, studying music at LIHSA and plays drums for Deez Guyzz. They performed It’s Tricky, King of Rock, and Walk This Way with DMC. They also played one original and two cover songs. This connection came about because the band regularly perform It’s Tricky and DMC follows Deez Guyzz on social media.

Asked about the experience of performing with DMC, Lars shared, “It was pretty fun.  A lot of prepping and practicing, but the show was really fun.”

DMC with LIHSA Student Lars Sorensen


DMC and Lars Sorensen